& Ryan Greene



well _ like you

to open the

under what crosses

over _ fragment

of a sunbridge

tracing embrace from

one heart to one

heart _ mathemamistad

in pastel _ you

know it's all

you _ the blur &

twirl _ how the plant

fits within _ a slivered 

tip more than enough

to catch _ light

a thread brushed

finger _ whorls _ did

you sleep better

after _ the petal

swift radial mirror 

cut through and

connective _ bone

alone can smile _ every

tooth a slug

of type _ then

bodiless gossamer

heaving between

fibers _ that lens

drawing the sweet

out _ heavy red just 

salted to bleed _ textbare

shadow held when folded

or rolled _ who hasn't

found use in edged

attention _ mold or 

scar tissue flaunted 

skyward _ like

a rock we wear

down _ the reflection

spun inward _ fill

the pore to burst _ cut

through past 

periphery and rehurl

the jolting _ an echo

tangled movement _ dance

across the coordinates

and the tree slips

from the clouds _ what's

allowed not the

metric _ how the white 

behind _ how the

volume _ how you know

that extraction ain't

true mining _ a pillar

filled with water

pointing _ toward _ i 

mean the edge where 

you fiber _ what a

finger can smell _ every

wing a leaf _ the air

too _ recursed in and

through its own _ the sea

a shifting ripple _ so

you found glitter and

it held _ so you sung

there _ a snapshot every

cumulated frame _ a body can 

stop and startle _ a 

body can _ xanthophyll 

strong as any _ when

the landscape is

fence[d] _ gather now

& break the 90 _ clean 

as could be _ tendrils 

trashed torn cast not 

done for _ tell a

filament and see if

it listens to no _ hmm

thought so


this videotext is an excerpt from a multimedia collage collaboration called sampler + re-sampler which aims, through sharp-edged ekphrastic translations and transcreations, to document a prismatic interaction between two friends: maryhope|whitehead|lee and ryan greene. the triplicate gif-stack features looped scans of maryhope's "collage sampler," which she created in 2021 using scraps on her counter to fill the blank "(non-)waste" booklet that's a slender byproduct of the final trim necessary to make the zine edition of her poetry + collage collection, Nuclear Waste. writing perpendicularly to maryhope's 26-spread collage sampler, ryan created a series of 13 textual refractions in celebration of image, memory, and deep friendship. the poem that appears here in Tyger Quarterly [thanks S!] is the very first "re-sampler" in the series. if you'd like to spend time with other snippets from this collaboration, you can dive in here + here + here + here ...

Biographical Statement

maryhope|whitehead|lee lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Her work has appeared in Kolaj Magazine, Harpy Hybrid Review #3, Superstition Review Issue 26, and on the cover of decomp journal #4. Work she completed with Kolaj Institute during a virtual artist residency on Politics in Collage was exhibited at Raíz Gallery in Phoenix, AZ. She is a collagist, poet, zinester, bookmaker, and an active member of the Cardboard House Press Cartonera Collective.

Ryan Greene is a translator, book-farmer, and poet from Phoenix, Arizona. He's a co-conspirator at F*%K IF I KNOW//BOOKS and a housemate at no.good.home. Like Collier, the ground he stands on is not his ground.