Austin Miles



                                                                       nothing compares
                                                                                     2 slipping on ice

                                                                       a brand cannot capture me
                                                                                     even after it does

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a tree in winter
   will not talk to me

i admire the way a tree breaks up a sidewalk


unfacilitated wretch
lobotomized moment

an experience
of nonprofit time

live past it

brown winter grass pokes
      outta the snow

                                                                       (on a golf course) we
                                                                       collaborate to yield a scene

                                                                       that is just (winter)
                                                                                    that’s alright


trenchant weirdo ascends
                            apt building
where ppl plot their greatness

i’(m) look
            ing @
a gutter

from my weird funded
                vantage point

                                                                       from a vantage point of

the birds have no say
      so it’s refreshing
                                        2 see them in stop n shop
                                                shitting on the cereal

                                        some of this means something
                                        some of it doesn’t


city offers me
              the smell of the subway
                                                        a # of buildings

an uncertainty lurks
when u have a job but do
not work

Biographical Statement:

Austin Miles is from southeast Ohio. He has poems published in foam:e, Locust Review, Home Planet News, and elsewhere.