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Issue 1: Spring 2022

  1. Serena Solin
  2. Toby Altman  
  3. S. Brook Corfman
  4. Katana Smith
  5. Natalee Cruz
  6. Emma Wilson
  7. Ashley Colley
  8. Colin Criss 
  9. Jack Chelgren
  10. Stefania Gomez 

Issue 2: Summer 2022
  1. Matthew Klane
  2. Ryan Nhu
  3. TR Brady
  4. Alana Solin
  5. K. Iver
  6. Emily Barton Altman
  7. William Youngblood
  8. Alex Wells Shapiro  
  9. Sasha Wiseman
  10. Yunkyo Moon-Kim

Issue 3: Fall 2022
  1. Sun Yung Shin
  2. Rosie Stockton
  3. Adele Elise Williams & Henry Goldkamp
  4. Noa Micaela Fields
  5. Miriam Moore-Keish
  6. Fred Schmalz
  7. Katy Hargett-Hsu
  8. Alicia Mountain
  9. Austin Miles
  10. Carlota Gamboa

  Birthday Presents
       for William Blake

    Five Words for William Blake
        on His 265th Birthday
            (after Jack Spicer)

Issue 4: Winter 2023

  2. Daniel Borzutzky
  3. Alicia Wright
  4. Asha Futterman
  5. Ellen Boyette
  6. S Cearley
  7. Sebastián Páramo
  8. Abbey Frederick
  9. Caylin Capra-Thomas
  10. maryhope|whitehead|lee & Ryan Greene

Issue 5: Spring 2023

  1. Jose-Luis Moctezuma 
  2. Peter Leight
  3. Rachel Galvin
  4. Sophia Terazawa
  5. Katherine Gibbel
  6. Lloyd Wallace
  7. Timothy Ashley Leo
  8. Jessica Laser
  9. Kira Tucker
  10. Michael Martin Shea

Issue 6: Summer 2023

An Introduction to Tyger Quarterly’s The Neo-Surrealist Interview Series

1. Mary Jo Bang 
2. Marty Cain 
3. Dorothy Chan 
4. Aditi Machado 
5. Alicia Mountain
6. Serena Solin
7. Marty Riker 
8. Francesca Kritikos
9. Luther Hughes
10. Toby Altman

Bonus: William Blake Tells All

Issue 7: Fall 2023 

1. Dennis James Sweeney 
2. M. Cynthia Cheung
3. Nathaniel Rosenthalis
4. Reuben Gelley Newman
5. James Kelly Quigley 
6. Christine Kwon
7. Maxwell Rabb
8. Maura Pellettieri 
9. Patty Nash 
10. Alyssa Moore

Issue 8: Winter 2024
1. Julian Talamantez Brolaski
2. Elizabeth Marie Young
3. Michael Gardner 
4. Steffan Triplett 
5. Margaret Yapp
6. Chelsea Tadeyeske
7. June Wilson 
8. Dawn Angelicca Barcelona
9. Evan Williams 
10. Brendan Sherry 

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Yunkyo Moon-Kim



Dampness recovers memory. Once,
my father hurled a chair across the room
but instead of it crashing, it crossed the threshold
and started fleeing from the house. Like a dog
I went to chase it, the piece of wood flanked
by rage and its own splinters. My sprint
left contrails of spit and fur in its wake. Inside my maw
it turned into a mutant of industry: A tree.
Once again I tried to catch something brutal and,
make anything beautiful out of it. Which,
too, is an attempt at beauty. Do you remember?
It was too many years ago. With my fangs
I carved the tree into a blade even sharper than steel.
I sundered the pit from the flesh. Then, once I was done,
I hid the knife away inside a shoebox. For years, it rattled
inside my hide. For years, it slashed and slashed.


Girl paused, turned at a split tongue beginning some parallel
to bisect a country. From behind her, the bodies of her charred siblings
barreled and passed, paving the trail ahead
with kin flesh. Korea is an oxymoron, for when
has a halving so visible been so indivisible. There is a line inside this body.
There is no modern nation without America passing through it. Grandmother,
the spring in Baekdu Mountain must still be beautiful —
even the turn of the seasons will mar it.
Like you, the musk deer and the black bear do not know
some spit-up border but their own prophetic
queer orbits of forage, despite
the pollutants and subterfuges. Even the reincarnations.

Biographical Statement:

Yunkyo Moon-Kim is a Korean post-apocalyptic poet and a community worker in Chicago. Their poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Asian American Writers’ Workshop’s The Margins, Cosmonauts Avenue, Porkbelly Press, and more.