Rosie Stockton


                O host itch,
                all guest talk

tend my ambient scope
spare me operative
never fully included
but I like my spell
doxing conduit, tell-all
at attention, proof
of ill-will

                O bother
                tote stain
                O luna
                bar crash hard

waxing fuel plummet
when the chill falls
your tantrum fluffs
the pillows, I gift you a
kill drive, your clock’s
lady in waiting game,
unload a should or shouldn’t
you break here

                O dogged
                the glittering

week that rends time
open, to fill with baggy
dirt, to plant a start
in the all day long.
skilled in all ways

                O you’re
                a townload

sacking my secret,
man of twists
and returns


gerund, curl up
in my direct address

you need an allergy
pill, and yes, I do too.

you describe my private
verbs, clatter locked in
your joints, sniff and gash,
shop and scatter
my regiment.

as our bind
steeps in a weekly
debt fall before a last
ditch venmo request,
you look at me
like i’m good for it.

garden you are here
to be a perfect poem.

yes scissors in your hair
cutting up time like you do

booked by the job search
unslept ribbons marching
mania to a classical rave.

yes you never forget
the bag, pope shit, my holy

pit in my pit
I’m late just like you
like it

Biographical Statement:

Rosie Stockton is a poet based in Los Angeles. They are the author of Permanent Volta (Nightboat Books 2021), which was the recipient of the 2019 Sawtooth Prize, and Pumpjack (Other Weapons Distro 2022). Their poems have been published by Social Text Journal, VOLT, Jubilat, Apogee, and WONDER. They are currently a Ph.D. Student in the Gender Studies Department at UCLA.