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Issue 1: Spring 2022

  1. Serena Solin
  2. Toby Altman  
  3. S. Brook Corfman
  4. Katana Smith
  5. Natalee Cruz
  6. Emma Wilson
  7. Ashley Colley
  8. Colin Criss 
  9. Jack Chelgren
  10. Stefania Gomez 

Issue 2: Summer 2022
  1. Matthew Klane
  2. Ryan Nhu
  3. TR Brady
  4. Alana Solin
  5. K. Iver
  6. Emily Barton Altman
  7. William Youngblood
  8. Alex Wells Shapiro  
  9. Sasha Wiseman
  10. Yunkyo Moon-Kim

Issue 3: Fall 2022
  1. Sun Yung Shin
  2. Rosie Stockton
  3. Adele Elise Williams & Henry Goldkamp
  4. Noa Micaela Fields
  5. Miriam Moore-Keish
  6. Fred Schmalz
  7. Katy Hargett-Hsu
  8. Alicia Mountain
  9. Austin Miles
  10. Carlota Gamboa

  Birthday Presents
       for William Blake

    Five Words for William Blake
        on His 265th Birthday
            (after Jack Spicer)

Issue 4: Winter 2023

  2. Daniel Borzutzky
  3. Alicia Wright
  4. Asha Futterman
  5. Ellen Boyette
  6. S Cearley
  7. Sebastián Páramo
  8. Abbey Frederick
  9. Caylin Capra-Thomas
  10. maryhope|whitehead|lee & Ryan Greene

Issue 5: Spring 2023

  1. Jose-Luis Moctezuma 
  2. Peter Leight
  3. Rachel Galvin
  4. Sophia Terazawa
  5. Katherine Gibbel
  6. Lloyd Wallace
  7. Timothy Ashley Leo
  8. Jessica Laser
  9. Kira Tucker
  10. Michael Martin Shea

Issue 6: Summer 2023

An Introduction to Tyger Quarterly’s The Neo-Surrealist Interview Series

1. Mary Jo Bang 
2. Marty Cain 
3. Dorothy Chan 
4. Aditi Machado 
5. Alicia Mountain
6. Serena Solin
7. Marty Riker 
8. Francesca Kritikos
9. Luther Hughes
10. Toby Altman

Bonus: William Blake Tells All

Issue 7: Fall 2023 

1. Dennis James Sweeney 
2. M. Cynthia Cheung
3. Nathaniel Rosenthalis
4. Reuben Gelley Newman
5. James Kelly Quigley 
6. Christine Kwon
7. Maxwell Rabb
8. Maura Pellettieri 
9. Patty Nash 
10. Alyssa Moore

Issue 8: Winter 2024
1. Julian Talamantez Brolaski
2. Elizabeth Marie Young
3. Michael Gardner 
4. Steffan Triplett 
5. Margaret Yapp
6. Chelsea Tadeyeske
7. June Wilson 
8. Dawn Angelicca Barcelona
9. Evan Williams 
10. Brendan Sherry 

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Patty Nash 


Preoccupied like a bug 

With past wrongdoings

Sofia cuts her hair

With rusted scissors

Jagging a line

Near her delicate corneas

As I’m getting mayonnaise

Massaged into my scalp

Or I did

Hoping to gross

Out the lice

I’ll spoil you, it

Was futile, though

Even now I can smell it

Like burnt toast

The psychic alluded to

In the formative scene

It’s frozen and buttered

And atop of that, salted

Like a large precious mineral

I could lick from a wall

If you gave me 20 dollars

And even if you didn’t

I’ve no compunction

Barely even periods

Throughout much of history

Instead a platonic

Saltine need

For a single grain

Of milk rice in the shaker

My mother made me

When I was ill

Which I am not

Now though the line

Between wellness

And its opposite

Gets fungible

Easier to like

Luxury velveteen

Recliners in the theater

Making audible breaths

Then halting them

Or watching an antecedent

Device nostalgics

Like lighting

Like torches

You could decorate your yard

Or get at Home Depot

With while doing it

What with the medial

Circumlocution around it

Its shift to the next thing

What fireworks sound like

Their connotations

I free my location

For fifteen minutes

Hope I’m encrypted

Directly following that

A blue-eyed avatar with a laptop

Pursuing her caffeinated friend

Who lifts his pinkie

Like I do on my bow

Which I shouldn’t

Do as I’m no

Baroque violinist

Without my vibrato

Though I prefer it

It makes everything

Emphatic and just

Goes to show

Everything I know

Informs me like a wellspring

A big, hollow gulch

I close my eyes and picture

In an act of self-soothing

Not believing in it

Or for that matter

Anything at all

Biographical Statement

Patty Nash is a poet. Her work has been published in DIAGRAM, Sixth Finch, Annulet, and elsewhere. More information at patty-nash.com.