Adele Elise Williams &
Henry Goldkamp


not just horse but snow too. An entire
                                          milky Drugscape of oblivion –
                                   throw up Dope-junk, hello! wanna
                    suck my fuck? whIte pony our way to pound town?
                          gag the flurry. Clap back and
                                                    Tap dab drum
                                    sleepy veIns. saddle up!
                          smack calls frOm ice hills –
                                                juNkies reliable like alaska


It can be so hard to
forgive yoursel
f for being
front and cent
er to yours
elf. The chea
p seats are w
ild, m


A paramedic mutters, "enough
drugs to kill a small horse." The crust of
blood around my mouth goes
with "the perfect amount
for a teenage elephant to have
a pretty good time."

Biographical Statement:

Adele Elise Williams is a writer, editor, and educator. She is the winner of the 2019 Emily Morrison Poetry Prize and 2022 Inprint Donald Barthelme Prize for Poetry as well as fellowships from UCROSS, Inprint, and Hindman Settlement School. Her work can be found or is forthcoming in Crazyhorse, Gulf Coast, The Florida Review, Guernica, Cream City Review, Split Lip, Beloit Poetry Journal, and elsewhere. Find her on Instagram at @sweetdeeee.

Henry Goldkamp rehearses his poetics out of a small garage in New Orleans. Recent work appears in Narrative, Indiana Review, the minnesota review, Yemassee, DIAGRAM, New South, Denver Quarterly, and Best New Poets 2021. His public art projects have been covered by NPR and Time, and he reads poems for Tilted House and Bayou. He is also one of the founding co-curators of The Splice Poetry Series. More and more at