Noa Micaela Fields




Indeterminate my following
a saga nowhere

If I’m inside a washroom
            it’s awash with noise
etymologically who am I

“Get out of here”
Blinking I em dash

Then I’m a self abandoned
meteorite (which you told me
are really lovelorn)

                    Yet I danced, stayed

`                                                 “Sorry for yr baggage”

Tending a new with
-drawn me weathering off hours

                                                                Were you fought after

                Meet me half-way since
                fortune told italicized crying

                                                                    “Hey man, don’t cry”

                                I dance, séance
                                a chimera now

We’re wishing nowadays
O peace as I safely go

                                                                You seem as if already dead



Ends, if impossible, unimaginable
I can’t trust “there there”                             mimetic hit-and-run mouth
(Poets find they doubt words; more hysterical negations form sidereal time)
History: E was a storage unit of mine.      Blast off                 infinity clauses

Too divorced speed of all-grown-up         “L-M-N-O-P”
            (Author detunes a fiddle)
In    a    writhing        tempo                                     not to fall through time
                                                    somatic    wishes

The lesson begins                                         emotions off-shore
                                                    (Roses, glyphs)
Admissions of the hidden mind                                         butting in
Confuse my pagination                                         fly in weekends

                                                                                All these migraines
Mistakes, more mistakes
                                (“A” rings to a close)
                                                                            I did not want to break up
Together: noise.

The title phrase, “The Effraction of Alterity,” is from Anne Dufourmantelle’s In Praise of Risk.

Biographical Statement:

Noa Micaela Fields is a trans writer with hearing aids. She is the author of the poetry chapbook With, and has also been published in Tripwire, Anomaly, Zoeglossia, Elderly Mag, Tyger Quarterly, and Sixty Inches From Center, among others. She is the Events & Accessibility Coordinator at the Poetry Foundation in Chicago and a 2022 fellow with Zoeglossia and Disability Lead.